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Nigel Baldy Burchell's Photos (Part II)

Photos and memories of
1st Queen's Boxing in Germany

Nigel Baldy Burchell's Photos (Part II)

Postby Webmaster » 04 Jan 2013 17:36

Photo 7 - Me and the belt i won the year before ! Why we didn't have any photo's after we won i don't know ! Does anyone have any ?
7 Lightwelter Belt.jpg

Photo 8 - Boxing for the Battalion !
8 Boxing for the Battalion.jpg

Photo 9 - I think i lost this one !
9 Think i lost this one .jpg

Photo 10 - Germany fight ( Werl ), Kirkes Quarter finals in 1979, just lost to Tin Tin ( Mac Macullam ) RIP Mac. I don't know if anyone remembers but i took the gym by surprise when i knocked him down,it didnt go as planned, i was told it silenced for a few seconds !! ( I remember Mick Potts was one of the judges ) Smashing fella was Mac, I used to see him after we left the army in Crawley and chat about it......boy you hit me hard !!! we did laugh . Real shame he has gone. Respected and always remembered !
10 Germany fight Quarter Finals just Lost.jpg

Photo 11 - One of our Battalion Boxing Fights.1982
11 One of our Battalion Boxing fights.PNG

Photo 12 - Presentation after the bouts ! Top to bottom, J Flemming, M Latter, R Challis, L McIntosh, M Holt, T Vennell, N Burchell, W Dalton, L Loblack.
Junior Depot Boxing Team 1978
With Barry Wilmot who later became our 1st Battalion Boxing Team Trainer !

A big thanks also to Dutch Holland who without his support and great boxing knowledge in those days we wouldn't have done half aswell !!!

I don't know if people understand how you take some experiences with you in life and how big effect it has on you ! It did me !
Many Thanks.
(Baldy Burchell)
12 Presentation after the bouts..jpg
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